Colfax Half Marathon Race Report

Yesterday’s Colfax Half Marathon was my first race of 2010.  It was a relatively last minute decision – my running peeps were all running it and I wanted to play, so I signed up Mark and myself last week.

We drove up to Denver on Saturday and hit the expo to pick up our packets (quite small compared to the Rock n’ Roll expos), and headed over to meet everyone at Tokyo Joes for dinner.   Love the Boulder Veggie bowl and I wish we had a local restaurant here in the Springs!

Weather conditions were perfect – after a week of rain and snow (yes snow), we woke up to relatively warm temps, and sunny, blue skies.  We arrived to the start, hit the port -o-potties and got in line to start the race… we were pretty much at the end of the line so navigating slower runners/walkers after the start took quite some time.   I think it wasn’t until after mile 2 that it cleared up and I could focus on just running.

Once we got through the crowd, I ran in my typical style – the exact opposite of the elusive negative split – keeping a pace between 8:00-8:30 for the next several miles in an effort to keep up with my hubby until I could no longer see him in the crowd.   I stopped at one aid station sometime before the turnaround (mile 7) and grabbed a Gatorade which was way too concentrated.  I gulped down the entire cup and felt a bit queasy for the next two miles.  It was around this time that I was starting to slow down as well…once the nausea passed around mile 9, I was wishing I had a gel or something – my energy was pretty low and I was giving myself the pep talk: “it’s only 4 more miles,”, “just 36 minutes, a half hour” – that sort of thing.  I had to keep talking to myself because I really felt like stopping at this point.     I grabbed a water from a generous spectator who was handing out little bottles and paced myself with a runner who was running just under a 9 minute mile.  I lost him a couple of miles later as he gained speed and I continued to chug along.    My last three miles were slow,  mile 11 in particular, but I managed to rally after 12 –  I finished strong for a final time of 1:55:51… not a PR race but felt like I ran one – it was tough…and I am feeling a bit creaky today.

It was hard but I am glad I jumped in and started my races for the year.  Next up:  Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day!

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